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If you made it this far we’re super excited to meet you!

DGAF World is an adult creative network that believes in the significant value of analogue formats based in the neuroscience of nostalgia. Adult contents on film, videotape, or other forms of nostalgic aesthetics, improves our viewers approach to sex as it becomes much more relatable and authentic, stimulating creativity, closeness and kindness. Our mission is to create contents that can inspire others into pursuing healthy, romantic, playful, and realistic intimate experiences.

As the sex-tech start up that we are, we are looking to speak to investors open to participate in funding rounds to achieve our expansion and upscaling goals, in a thorough and collaborative partnership that will provide 2x-3x investment returns.

Tap here to fill out a short contact form so we can get in touch with you and set a call (or IRL meeting if possible) to discuss your participation as a member of the DGAF Group. Through our Series A, we’ll only be able to work with accredited investors. Minimum investments start at $20k to become a part of the DGAF Group and get access to our operations details.