Welcome to DGAF.World: An Adult Content on Film & Tape Network.

We’re a group of friends turned international art collective that met online through what we could now call Instagram’s Hornysphere – a community of curators (hornyposters), models, photographers, videographers and adult content creative artists. Transgenerationally, we’ve all dealt with censorship. Some of us go way back to Fotolog/Flickr/Tumblr, and we have (somehow) carried on with our work after Tumblr became a Yahoo supervised platform, therefore implementing restrictive community guidelines against explicit content (and us, the creators). After the pandemic hit, as censorship increased aggressively (and sex work became, ironically, more visibly and culturally accepted through the popularity of Only Fans) we realized we were bonding over our collective experiences with Instagram: our profiles went from FYPs to shadowbanned, having content deleted with or without notice, being flagged, or just facing complete deletion. As we bonded over DM’s everytime one of our accounts got banned, our community would post our new account on their stories so we could build back our virtual lore.

Due to the lack of spaces to exist as adult content creative artists (because OF is sexy, but it’s not really meant for our kind of work), and the living risk of getting our entire content portfolios deleted by prompted guidelines or a new Meta algorhythm, we created DGAF World: a community-led content shop for analogue media, adult content creative artists. In here we can post our all of our uncensored contents. Contents made (and/or mixed) exclusively on analogue formats (such as film, videotaping, modulating/data bending/glitching, photocopies, scans, scrapbooks, collages, graffiti, oil, markers, handcrafts, etc). This is because of the neuroscience behind nostalgia: sex in analogue formats – for as explicit as it can be – will always be more relatable and easier to watch in company. According to Krystine Batcho Ph.D. (professor of psychology at Le Moyne College in NYC), nostalgia strengthens approach orientation, raises optimism, evokes inspiration, boosts creativity, kindles pro-sociality, and reduces the negative impacts of loneliness. To be honest, for us as DGAF Creators, it just makes people (and everything) look hotter. We into creating a vibe and capturing momentum for everyone and ourselves to enjoy.

The DGAF World site is designed as a Content PPV Marketplace where DGAF Partners (those behind cameras) & DGAF Stars (those in front of cameras) can post and sell their Photosets (in the Gallerias section), Videos (on our Videoclub) & DLC’s (you guessed it, the DCL Section) and split their monthly content revenue with our Shared Payouts automating agreement. Initiated DGAF Partners & Stars can post contents after filling a Content Form that is sent to DGAF Partners once their application is approved. DGAF HQ will check the Content Form (and the contents submitted) to make sure it follows our simple guidelines: 1) Content must be analogue-made, 2) made by enthusiastically willing and consenting adults, and 3) doesn’t feature animals, unnecessary violence, or poop play. If (and when) the Content is approved, these will be uploaded as products on their according category. As much as documentary is encouraged, this is a space for arts, fictional or not.

It is DGAF Creators (Partners & Stars) responsibility to keep records of their agreements (emails, paperwork, videos, screenshots, etc) on their shared DGAF Production Folders shared with DGAF HQ. TRANSPARENCY IS KEY. DGAF Partners & Stars shall agree on a Content Sales Revenue Sharing Ratio or an On-Set Payment, or other kind of deal that made those contents and their distribution possible.

To become a DGAF Partner read carefully and fill out the DGAF Partner Form at the bottom-left of this page. DGAF HQ will check out your work, contact you and welcome you to our DGAF Partnership Program! To become a DGAF Star, read carefully and fill out the DGAF Stars Form at the bottom-right of this page. DGAF HQ will check out your provided information, contact you and welcome you to our DGAF Stars Talent ProgramDGAF Partners that are featured on their own content must also fill out the DGAF Stars Form. With this info we will (eventually) improve our service by adding a geolocation-matching tool for Creators to connect according to their information, creative roles, styles, and ideas.

If you’re looking into investing on humanitarian initiatives, and want to Join our cause – making better lovers through better porn, depicting better, more relatable, realistic sex for the upcoming porn consuming generations, battling loneliness by inspiring others to engage through beautiful, genuine, hot, fun, romantic-friendly explicit content and, as a result, improving mental and social health above all – CLICK HERE and become a part of the DGAF Group.

As we always say: only do this is you really REALLY want to. Fill out the forms as a free, enthusiastically willing, consenting grown up. If you need more information go to our NEWS section, or email us at DGAF.HQ@DGAF.World.

Whenever you feel ready to start getting 100% profit from your work at the DGAF Network, fill one (or both) of these forms.