"How to Stay Present": Lucía & Dempsey by Tony Verdello X Films


“How to Stay Present”: Lucía & Dempsey by Tony Verdello X Films. Purchase for 24hrs access to full Video.


The first cut of Tony Verdellos upcoming extended film “How to Stay Present”. A portrait romance and explicit sexual interactions in a dreamy yet hyperrealistic lovemaxxing gaze as he follows Lucía and Dempsey – a couple of artists in a relationship – and blends what’s real about their intimate languages and the fantastic silly adventures that couples, when lucky, can come across. In this case, follow Lucía and Dempsey through Tony’s eyes, as they go on a date and find a room key card at the bar of the hotel. What can make them hornier than the thought of crashing the hotel room and fuck in every corner of the place? There’s only one way to find out!