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Only Fans is a platform that has gained most of its popularity thanks to Sex Work. Even models, athletes and influencers have been profiting off the platform (in)directly through the commercialization of their intimacy. The boom of this website means a lot of people are profiting off their image, but also means emerging niche markets can become sustainable. This be the case with analogue photography and videotapes. Only Fans is a subscription based platform with social interaction features, which is perfect for anyone with a solid, engaging, and paying fanbase. This is where outgoing, attractive and hot people really have an edge, because they can profit off their image and or talent as a content creator, with the power of creating anything, anywhere for all their fans. Problem is, if all our interactions being strategically monetized, where goes our genuine, human, sense of empathy and connection?

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Anyone considering living off Only Fans without a whole church of simps praising you and going after your content as their next dose of the Bible, is straight up dreaming. Unless your E-Girl career is based and you have a large credited male audience, there’s no way you’re engaging as much as you’d like to on OF. A faithful audience takes time to build. Time, work & the wit to keep that audience in your social media eco-system, day & night, bouncing in and out of your profiles and pages, buying and promoting your content amongst their friends. It may not sound like a lot of work, but to be honest, that’s just the intro. We’re not even going into messages, requests and tipping right now.

By the way, shout out to all the girls getting the bag in there! Im sure your hard work pays off! The crude reality of the majority is that OF is that requires CONSTANT attention.

A very dear analogue pornographer said OF would’ve enslaved them into it’s demand-supply mechanics, in which they would’ve been responding messages, recording requested videos, and having to always be smiling and catering personally every sale with every customer. Let alone the bummer of dealing with angry and rude fans, and definitely being exposed to the constant risk of content leaking and/or doxxing in more extreme cases. On top of that, fans demand fresh content all the time, so you really gotta be a producer, editor, stylist, make up artist, manager, camera op, performer, distributer, promoter, lawyer (if you’re recording with anyone else) and fill every role in the image industry. They knew analogue content is hard work, and that it didn’t belong in an OF, it belongs in a gallery, over someones fireplace, or a kink club. It’s not art if you’re selling it at Walmarts. So what did she do? She started her own production company with two other friends, and now, after a year of working as an agency, they’re going global.

All they had was their gear and lots of friends willing to fuck on camera with them or others. Some people got paid, some people did it for the thrill, but eventually they got more and more people involved and it became like this non-stop party that someone, somewhere, was always keeping alive.

You can check their clips here on DGAF Videoclub, and if you’re thinking about starting your own production company, consider joining the DGAF Partnership Program and sell your content!